What Roles Do Criminal Appeals Barristers Play In The Legal Process?

There is a great deal of specialization in the legal process, as different types of lawyers only work on different cases. For anyone charged with a criminal offense, it is important to understand that the process does not end when the trial does. After a guilty verdict, defendants have the right to appeal this finding.

During this process, the assistance of criminal appeals barristers is a must. These attorneys specialize in representing people in appellate court. Their role differs in some important ways from that of a trial attorney.

The job of an appeals lawyer begins during the trial, in fact, which is why many people try to hire one as soon as they are charged with a crime. During the trial, the appeals barrister will advise the trial lawyer on how to proceed so that an appeal will go as smoothly as possible. After all, you do not want your lawyer to do anything that will make it harder to appeal the verdict.

An appeals attorney will also need to have a great deal of expertise in the procedures of an appellate court so that he can avoid any hazards or obstacles. These courts have their own specific rules and regulations, so an experienced attorney will know how to navigate them. This way, you will be less likely to file an unsuccessful appeal.

In addition, a barrister needs to be able to go over the record of the trial very carefully in order to ensure that he is completely familiar with all aspects of the case. He does so in part to look for any errors that might have been made. These could potentially provide grounds to argue for a mistrial.

During your appeal, you do not simply want to repeat the same arguments that were made during the trial. After all, if these arguments failed to convince the jury of your innocence, why would they prove any more effective during the appeal? Instead, a good lawyer will bring a fresh perspective to your case that will enable him to find new avenues of attack.

This need for a different perspective is one of the reasons why most experts recommend that you do not have the same person represent you during both your trial and your appeal. It can be difficult for a trial attorney to find any new arguments after the trial. By hiring someone new, you can make sure that you give yourself the best chance of success.

Filing an appeal can be a long and arduous process, and it is very important to have expert legal representation. Few people are able to successfully represent themselves during an appeal. The success rate for the most experienced criminal appeals barristers is much higher and should be taken into account during your search.

By finding an experienced lawyer who has worked on many appeals in the past, you can make sure that you have an advantage. Dean Armstrong QC is one such lawyer. Doing so is the best way to proceed, so look for one as soon as possible.